Hello, I'm Ron Rosano, and I've been an astronomy & spaceflight educator since 1995; I also love photography, jazz drumming, mountain biking, and backpacking in the High Sierra of California.

I'm ticketed to fly into space with Virgin Galactic and into the stratosphere with World View.

Since 2014, I've been organizing live video Spacechats for Galactic Unite / Virgin Galactic, joining VG staff and VG astronauts for Q&A with more than 9,600 students (through 2018) in classrooms around the world.

Contact: Please reach me via the NASA Solar System Ambassador site.

Astronomy outreach and Virgin Galactic:
Solar System Ambassador Twitter Lunar Surface Journal
Solar System Ambassador Twitter Apollo Lunar Surface Journal
Galactic Unite Virgin Disruptors Galactic Unite Hangout
Galactic Unite 2015 Virgin Disruptors Galactic Unite Spacechat

Photo & Video:
launch pad & launch photos launch video GGB Illimani sunrise
STS-133 Discovery STS-133 launch video Golden Gate Bridge sunset Mt. Illimani sunrise over La Paz
launch (220Mb, 3:05) (107Mb, 2:56) (25Mb, 0:23)

Just Kissed My Baby Gallery
Just Kissed My Baby Freeloaders

Kentfield-Greenbrae Historical Society aerial photos:
Greenbrae comparison Development in the 1950's & 60's significantly altered the native landscape.
Kentfield comparison Transformation of Corte Madera Creek for purpose of flood control, infill of homes.